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What is a stretch ceiling?

A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system that consists of two components: a perimeter profile and a light weight (cadmium free) polymer membrane, which stretches and clips into the track. Stretch ceiling systems can be used as ceiling adornments, wall coverings, floating panels, light boxes, and creative 3D structures.

What is Laqfoil stretch ceiling material made of?

There are two types of materials used in Laqfoil Stretch Ceilings:

  • Polymer Membrane – PVC (cadmium-free, polyvinyl). Certified under the National Building Codes of both Canada and the U.S.
  • Canvas Membrane - Polyester (pre-soaked in polyurethane). Canvas membranes do not require welding and are mostly used for printed images, but can also be installed as individual membranes.

Both materials are non-toxic and 100% recyclable.     


How Durable is Laqfoil material?

The material used is extremely durable and has been produced to withstand exceptionally heavy loads. In the case of a water leak, it is able to hold up to 100L of water on a 1 square metre surface without rupturing. It is able to absorb impact and will always retain its shape. It is unaffected by temperature and will not fade or lose color for over 25 years.

What is the lifespan of Laqfoil ceilings and wall coverings?

Laqfoil standard manufacturers’ warranty for stretch ceiling products is 10 years. Laqfoil ceilings are highly durable and will not fade or sag for a much longer time. All membranes are washable and antibacterial.

What are the benefits of Laqfoil stretch ceiling?

    • It creates a beautiful smooth ceiling surface that can elegantly accent any décor.
    • It’s the fastest way to decorate any room without preliminary preparation of the ceiling or wall surfaces.
    • It can bring to life almost any design idea, including a multilevel ceiling or arched or dome shaped installations.
    • It comes in a variety of colours, textures, and finishes, and can have printed images applied to it.
    • Its colours do not fade over time
    • It does not peel, flake, stain, crack, or develop algae, mold or mildew.
    • It’s 100% fire proof, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic and does not create any dust.
    • It is strong enough to hold up to 100L of water on a 1 square metre surface, in case leakage from above occurs.
    • It can be used to improve the acoustics of a room and block up to 70% of external noise.
    • It neatly hides unsightly electrical wires, water pipes, alarm fittings, etc.
    • It stays consistently stretched and will return to its initial shape after any tension or distortion.

      Are Laqfoil products safe to use?                      

      Laqfoil ceilings are 100% safe to use in a home, office, public, or medical environment. The membrane does not require any cleaning or maintenance and the materials are completely recyclable and entirely non-toxic.

      Where can Laqfoil products can be used?

      This technology is compatible with almost any type of interior, including:

      • Commercial spaces
      • Residential homes
      • Pools
      • Children’s rooms
      • Spas
      • Hotels
      • Car dealerships
      • Recording studios
      • Hospitals
      • Dental offices
      • Night clubs
      • Restaurants
      • Airports
      • Auditoriums
      • Many more.

      I have a popcorn(stucco) ceiling. Do I need to remove it before installing Laqfoil stretch ceiling?

      No. Stretch ceiling installation does not require any preparations. It can be installed quickly and easily without any need to scrub or level the existing surface, because the supporting tracks will be attached to the wall right next to the ceiling, not to the existing ceiling.

      How is Laqfoil product installed?

      Laqfoil stretch ceilings are installed by trained and licensed installers in 2 easy steps: First, the profile is attached around the perimeter, either to the walls or to the walls and ceiling (in the case of a wall installation). Second, the stretch ceiling membrane is heated, stretched and inserted into the profiles.

      How can I have my ceiling installed if I live outside of Toronto?

      Laqfoil has distributors and certified installers all across North America to serve its customers.

      Does Laqfoil membrane require maintenance?

      The membrane requires no maintenance. If necessary, it can be cleaned with regular household cleaning agents or soap and water. Avoid the use of strong chemicals or solvents as these may void the warranty.

      Is Laqfoil product certified for use in North America?

      Laqfoil product is 100% certified to use in North America. It has all the necessary certifications under the building codes applicable to Canada and the US. It also has European certifications.

      How long does the installation of Laqfoil stretch ceiling take and is it destructive?

      The installation process is fast and mess free. Furniture does not have to be moved out of the room. For a room that is about 300 square feet, it would take about 4-5 hours to complete the installation.

      Can Laqfoil membrane be used as an acoustical product?

      A stretch ceiling can act as a sound absorber with the micro perforated option. As per sound requirement testing, the product absorbs up to 70 % of noise.

      Over what surfaces can Laqfoil stretch ceilings or wall covers be installed?

      Virtually any surface, finished or unfinished. In some cases, the material eliminates the need for drywall, totally compensating for it.

      What happens to existing ceiling fixtures when a Laqfoil stretch ceiling is installed?

      Any ceiling fixture can be re-installed into a stretch ceiling after its installation is complete. Lights, chandeliers, ventilation systems, sprinklers, cameras, and speakers will be firmly attached to the framing through the stretch ceiling membrane.

      What kind of temperatures can Laqfoil stretch ceiling withstand?

      Stretch ceilings are resistant to temperatures from -40 to +50 degrees Celsius without any physical changes to the membrane.

      At what stage of renovation should Laqfoil stretch ceilings be installed?

      Laqfoil stretch ceilings should be installed after the attachment surfaces (usually walls) are completely finished and the paint has cured, and the surface to be covered (usually the ceiling) is as finished as it is going to be. Stretch ceiling may substitute for gypsum wallboard (GWB or drywall) on a surface if there is no insulation, wiring, structure, etc. which needs to be held in place, and all fixtures are secured to the structure.

      What is the warranty of Laqfoil stretch ceilings or wall prints?


      Laqfoil stretch ceilings come with a 10 year installation warranty and a 25 year warranty on the membrane.

      Should a room be prepared for the installation of a Laqfoil stretch ceiling?

       Furniture should be moved out from the walls. When our installers come to take measurements, you will be advised as to what they can move and what you should move. Aside from that, there are no specific preparations required. There is no need to remove or even cover the furniture in the room, as the installation is very clean and will not leave any residue. If there is a hot tub or swimming pool in the room, it does not need to be drained. All windows and doors that could let in drafts will need to be closed during the installation.

      Can Laqfoil stretch ceiling be damaged? Is it fixable?

      The product very sensitive to sharp objects and can be punctured, but depending on the nature of the damage, Laqfoil stretch ceilings can be repaired. In some rare cases, the ceiling may need to be partially or fully re-installed.

      Why should I choose Laqfoil Stretch Ceilings?

      Our product is very versatile in terms of creative possibilities. It can be used to instantly enhance, transform and enliven the design of any room. High-gloss finishes are great for creating an illusion of enlargement in spaces with low ceilings such as basements and cellars. Laqfoil Stretch Ceilings will also help save energy. By creating a sealed pocket of air, it provides extra insulation and therefore reduces heating costs. The product is great for covering up any flaws in the original ceiling such as cracks, unevenness, or discoloration. Stretch ceilings require no further maintenance and are 100% safe.


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