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Drywall Ceiling

Drywall is the most commonly known finishing material for walls and ceilings now days. But what is making it the most popular? Certainly not a «shadow effect», not a surface for “popcorn” application, which perfectly covers all drywall deficiencies. Ability to have dry walled ceiling perfectly straight, could never be a factor of it’s popularity either. The reason why drywall is popular is the habitual use of it due to the lack of any other alternative. But….. not anymore.

Laqfoil Ltd. produces, manufactures and presents polyvinyl-based material, which had been modified to environmental standards, and used as a finishing product for ceilings and walls. Safe to use at all different places, from residential to medical facilities and public places, PVC stretch ceiling is a truly contemporary alternative to drywall ceilings. At some stages this material totally eliminates the use of drywall, at some stages used as covering layer to hide things like cracks, popcorn, unleveled joins, flacking paint, and many other deficiencies caused by “old style” drywall.
Coming with dozens of benefits, Laqfoil stretch ceilings and technologically related products will only have to be installed once. Supported by 25 years manufacturer’s warranty, your stretch ceiling or wall cover, will always be beautifully finished, totally straight and leveled, ideally finished and would never require any maintenance.