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We can tell you how good and effective Laqfoil is, but it is always important to know what our customers are saying about us.

The following testimonials are from actual customers of Laqfoil and are unedited. We will keep updating this page, so please checking it from time to time.

"A reliable business company I have enjoyed so much working with for my development business project at INTEX DZGN INC !
LAQFOIL is an updated company offering product technology in the marketing solutions area and lots of fun to deal with the wide range of possibilities. Their expertize goes way beyond the same old same old in the cosmetic building construction solution field.
The product offering follows up strictly with the scheduling for the whole project. The due dates were respected and the final project product was delivered right on time with my company's scheduled first operating date.
As an interior designer. I am very pleased with the results in terms of the costs and support and I would recommend LAQFOIL solutions to all my clients."

--Emilia Jojart, Intex Dzgn Inc.

Daphnie Swenerton, Spa Director, Toronto Trump International Hotel and Tower:

“Certainly when you think about Quartz Crystal Spa and Trump Hotel and Tower Toronto, all you think about is opulence and excellence. Certainly one of the reasons why we chose your ceiling company was its reputation, and the work that has been provided to us. Laqfoil is the company to go for. We thank you Jack for all the hard work by you and your team. Everything was delivered on time, and this was just the final piece of the spa that just opened recently. As you can tell it is the most spectacular feature that we have here in the hotel.”

Daphnie Swenerton, Spa Director, Toronto Trump International Hotel and Tower:

Testimonial Modern Golf

«…here at modern golf we have chose stretch ceilings for several reasons. First of all our name is Modern Golf, and a ceilings very unique and different from anything you could see. It also provides sound dumping, which is very important here in a quite golf environment. Everyone comments, how slick it looks. Laqfoil Stretch Ceilings ? Will definitely recommend it….»

Testimonial Modern Golf

Olena, residential customer, Toronto:

“Service was excellent and it was very fast. For us it was fantastic: in just one day our room was changed. Second day was the kitchen: it became different, absolutely different. This is a company I recommend. It's for many reasons. First, they are doing very good service. Second, it's so fast, it's not bothering you too much. They come, do the project, do measurements, and in one week you have a new house. And another one: they are very good people. They always give you advice, always tell you something what is better for you because every house is different. I love this company, and I recommend everyone to go with this company”.

Olena, residential customer, Toronto: