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What is Stretch Ceiling Technology?

Stretch Ceiling technology was invented in Europe as an interior enhancement. The essence of the product is the use of a thin plastic film stretched within a firm frame (profile). The shape of such installation is defined by the hidden profile, while the beauty comes from the film, which can be of any color, finish, and transparency. This technology is an essential tool for architects, interior designers, decorators, and construction contractors, and is rapidly expanding in North America.

Stretched fabric ceiling installation simply involves affixing a light weight, highly durable film or a decorative fabric that is made from high quality materials to a framing construction that will hold it stretched in place. Our films are environmentally friendly, sound and energy efficient, non-allergenic, non-flammable, waterproof, durable, dust free, and easy to clean and maintain. Consequently, the material can be effortlessly mounted or relocated, without leaving any damage behind. Our frames (profiles) can be created in a variety of shapes including rectangular, oval, flat, curved, or three dimensional. Our membranes can be translucent or opaque. Film may also be layered or incorporate decorative lighting elements. Often a printed image is applied to the material, decorative wall panel, or 3D structure. A backlit fabric can create the extraordinary impression of a starry night, Renaissance stained glass window, or sunny southern sky. A banner that uses this unique technology looks modern and high tech and will retain its fresh glossy look for years. Stretch ceilings can be used anywhere, from residential dwellings to large sports or entertainment venues and public malls. Suspended or mounted 3D framed structures and boxes are used by the world’s leading interior designers for lending a distinctive look to one of a kind buildings, exhibition halls, trade shows, and art venues. This is a material option which inspires professionals and homeowners alike to create attractive and unique design concepts for concealing existing pipes, service fixtures and exposed roofs in addition to adding design elements.

Stretched textile ceilings also provide energy-saving benefits by forming thin layer of thermal isolation over the structural elements of the house, thereby reducing heating and cooling needs. Such contemporary technology will also improve the air quality in a room by containing the emission of dust and bacteria that accumulates over the years from drywall, a feature that has placed stretched ceilings in high demand for medical facilities. Another benefit that comes with this material is that it improves the acoustics of a room, office, concert hall, or even industrial facility.

Laqfoil PVC stretch ceiling had been introducing this technology, and manufacturing stretch ceilings as well as technologically related products to improve interior design systems and to offer conceptually new finishing products for a variety of applications within existing and new-build projects. Our distinction is the ability to manufacture finished product in-house, thus providing end-to-end living space enhancement for our customers. Our service is fast and exceptional. We provide meticulous attention to detail, high quality materials, fine taste, and a skilled professional installation team. For us, the customer's choices are paramount; we deliver contemporary, traditional, or vintage interior design elements, strictly according to your vision and your specifications.

Laqfoil ceilings can be used to improve and beautify any environment, large or small. Whether you wish to bedeck your home, create a top-notch professional look for the office, or create a special atmosphere within your environment, stretch ceiling is the solution. The exciting part of having a piece of this innovative technology at your home or in the workplace is that your friends, guests, or business partners will never forget being there. Our product can be used as an addition to, or substitute for drywall or dropped ceiling tiles. For a new construction project, it eliminates the need for a tedious and labor-intensive drywall installation. It makes the process faster, and easier, cleaner, and the result is one you’ll be sure to love.


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